Sweet and Sour

Moving House, Day 11

12 January 2018

Sweet! The plumber bought some parts we were missing and connected our washing machine in the new house. He then fixed a leaky tap at the old house (not merely a washer replacement).

Sweet! The Foxtel technician arrived and connected us to Foxtel. We left it going even though there was nothing really worth watching.

Sour! Foxtel stopped working after an hour, with the error message, “This Smartcard is not authorised”. We phoned. They said that sometimes it takes 24 hours for it to go through properly. Our cable internet and Foxtel are a bundle package from Telstra. It is very frustrating dealing with Telstra and Foxtel under this arrangement. You can be bounced between them in some instances. For three days we apparently have had internet but can’t access it because Telstra has mucked up the account associated with it somehow. If we weren’t renting a place with Foxtel already wired, I would be switching to Optus. Optus are benefiting at the moment from these Telstra issues since I use my mobile data for everything until it is resolved.

Sweet! A friend came round to witness our signatures on an important document required for settlement to go through on Monday. Griffin then drove out to Richmond to deliver it.

Sweet! Emma, Griffin and I went to see Ash Barty and Daria Gavrilova play in the semi-final at the Sydney International.

Sour! I’m an idiot! When I bought the tickets in a rush the night before, somehow I was able to purchase Day Session tickets for that day even though it was 7pm and the Night Session had already started. The error was not realised when I collected the tickets at the venue but when they scanned them at the entry gates. I had to go back and buy another set of tickets, 18 rows higher than the ones I thought I had bought. I have asked Ticketek very nicely if they could refund Thursday’s useless tickets as a gesture of goodwill. 
UPDATE: My request was denied. No refund. :(

Sweet! As much as it seemed wrong to barrack for one Australian over another, we were very happy to see Ash Barty make it through to the final. I instantly bought tickets for the following night, ensuring I had the right date and time, several times, before going ahead with the purchase.

Sour! The washing machine keeps complaining via an error message that it isn’t receiving enough water. When we returned from holidays it sounded like this might be the case but it kept working without complaining. The move must have tipped it over the edge. 
UPDATE: Washing Machine Technician is coming on Tuesday.

Sweet and sour! We ordered Chinese for dinner, walking to collect it after 15 minutes instead of the hour or so it would take them to deliver. We were also very happy with the quality of the food, although we didn’t order any sweet and sour, not really our taste. Thanks Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Turramurra.


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