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Fab Fest - Facts Facts Facts... and a new Friend

✅Fitness - #28bysamwood 'Let's Get Physical'
✅Alcohol free
✅New friend

Apparently it is a government requirement that students starting the PhD journey experience an information dump over their heads. My university does similar inductions at other times too. When I attempted the MRES the first time I was working on a temp contract in a new school so had to take a day's Leave Without Pay (LWOP) to attend this dunking ceremony. In my feedback at the end of the day I noted (putting it mildly) that I had to give up a day's pay to listen to information conveyed verbally which I could have easily and quickly digested in a written form in my own time. I can't have been alone in this complaint because they have now reduced the information delivery to just a few hours instead of a whole day and made it a compulsory online viewing of videos where completion is checked on certain benchmark dates. It seems even Higher Degree Research students can't be trusted to do their…

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