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Emerging Writers’ Festival: ‘Between the Covers’

Frustrated bloggers, wannabe writers and the merely curious gathered in the gloomy staff bar at Macquarie University for the EWF event Between the Covers last night. It was reportedly sold out but half the audience chairs were empty. That’s what happens when tickets are free to uni students and it’s a rainy and cold night.
They should have attended. From the first panel I learned about little tricks for pitching to publishers: spell the publisher’s name correctly for a start and pitch it like you mean it. “Write like you’re dead”, said the author, Michael Mohammed Ahmed in the second session. His passion for western Sydney writers from a culturally diverse background grabbed me. I had seen his latest book, The Lebs, doing the review rounds, but hadn’t read any of them. I bought the book and had it signed but I’m a little wary about reading it. Christos Tsiolkas’s writing takes me inside the heads of misogynistic men and emotionally I don’t like it. I am revolted and horrified to be the…

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