Good Timing

19 January 2018

Adding to my previous post about fresh starts, I bought a new car today (Subaru Impreza). I don’t actually receive it until the end of the month but the deal was struck and the deposit paid today.  My beautiful Peugeot 308 Turbo’s air-conditioning died recently. It had been declining over the last few years but everyone kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with it until it completely gave out and an air-conditioning expert pronounced it dead. Apparently it would cost $2000 to repair and not really recoverable or worth it unless it was a Japanese car. I have loved my Peugeot but it is time to bid it a fond farewell. It is also good timing given that we have the proceeds from the sale of our house.

Timing, in terms of the time it took to make the purchase, was not so good. We had Amelia, out fresh-to-the-area sales consultant who was lovely; Sonia, the add-ons sales consultant who wore an amazing peplum top the colour of the car I’m buying; Mark the manager of the dealership (nice guy but the weakest handshake I’ve experienced in ages); Abdon, the money guy; and Simon, also a money guy but more experienced and with a working computer. Simon was patronising about my knowledge of finance and in regards to Amelia being new, but otherwise everyone was nice. It was the inefficiencies in waiting for people and the organisation of the process that was frustrating. I signed a lot of papers including the same contract twice, the only difference between the two contracts being the $1000 deposit. Still, I’m a happy customer and they’re happy to make another sale.

Griffin lapped up the whole experience. While I was test driving, I was only really interested in the feel of the drive. He checked out all the features and gadgets and on our return asked questions about a range of matters. Once he was satisfied I agreed to the sale. Since he was talking so eloquently about the features of cars, it came up in the discussion that he would make a good employee. He was strongly encouraged by everyone there to apply to become a sales cadet or some other position. He’s very interested in this prospect so he and Emma are going to put together a CV for him and put in an application over the weekend. It was so good to see him light up with the idea.

On other matters, for the last couple of days I have tried to work on my research proposal for uni but imposter syndrome and various impositions on my time take precedence (like buying a new car, and the washing). I have pegged away with bits and pieces but have yet to really get my teeth into it. Although I said I consider us as moved into the house, it’s another thing altogether to feel settled. I need this to happen soon for a little more calm and order in my life. I want to be properly focused on this research and give it everything I can.


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