The Official Moving Day Arrives

Moving House, Day 7

8 January 2018

Image by OpenIcons from pixabay

I electrocuted myself today. The wires on a lamp had broken from its on/off switch and picked up the cord at the exposed wired end, assuming it was no longer plugged in, if my thoughts were actually that concrete. I screamed at the pain and stupidity. I now have two tiny white marks on my hand. The shock of the shock lasted a few hours. A nice long chat to my Mum on the phone while I paced around was instrumental in calming me down. Being in shock meant that news of a my piano falling off the truck onto the mailbox at the old house didn’t faze me at all.

I met the removalists briefly before I headed over to the new place with a carload of stuff. It was a few hours before the first load arrived and it was only then I recognised the tall man lifting heavy loads into my house. I had taught him for three years (Years 10-12, 2013-2015). He has now completed two years of a double degree in the field of medicine. So I must have taught him well.

My day consisted of directing where furniture was to go, crossing fingers that the larger items would fit through doorways and everything would fit according to the plan in my mind. It was a tight fit through doorways and the house in general but it was done. In high 30s heat. More money on the credit card and a cold six-pack for our moving troop and it was done by 5pm. Now there was a mound of boxes and still plenty of small stuff left at the old place.

Friends brought over champagne and cheese. We ordered Thai and played cards. A splendid evening for our first night in the new house.


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