Settlement Day

Moving House, Day 14

15 January 2018

Settlement on the sale of our house occurred today. Hooray! I couldn’t concentrate on anything requiring the mind to work too hard while I waited for the news which didn’t come until nearly 4pm. So what did I do instead? I reconstructed the wine racks, sorted the wine according to type and region and ensured my CellarTracker record was accurate. I was particularly concerned with determining the recommended dates for consumption so we don’t leave any for too long. The ‘drink now’ section is quite large.

Griffin answered the door today to let the internet technician in. They came down to where I was under the stairs buried in bottles of wine because it’s also the home of the wifi modem. The technician looked at it and said, “That’s a Telstra modem.” Well, yes, but we were promised a new one, do you have it? “I’m from Optus!” He had the wrong address but he did show me that there was an Optus cable running to the house so it would be easy to switch. Tempting. I said I might see him in a few days. At least Foxtel is working now.

Dinner at the in-laws marked the celebration of the sale and the end of holidays. We are always spoilt there. I’m back home now, feeling full and happy, watching the tennis on TV.


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