Cool Pool

Moving House, Day 6

7 January 2018

Today was our last day before removalists make our move official. All our furniture has been dismantled as much as possible, contents of which have already been moved over, so that all we need to pack now is in our wardrobes, kitchen and tool shed. We don’t need the removalists for that piddly stuff.

How’s that as a justification for stopping the moving process late in the morning? It was about the time the temperature in Sydney hit 40℃ that I first went in the pool. It reached 44℃ today but I didn’t play with the InstaWeather app (photo above) until I left the pool briefly to help a friend find our house. Five of us sat in or near the pool all afternoon, drinking champers (and water to keep our hydration up). The 18yo fetched some hot chips from the local shops, scoffing his own serve before handing over another serve for the other four of us to share.

I can’t remember much of what we talked about, except some of it involved saying “sex” and the F word rather loudly (not by me, of course), and I worried about what our new neighbours would think but I don’t think either side were home at that stage.  It was a really chilled afternoon, much needed after the last few days of packing and moving stuff. There is just the right amount of dappled shadow so the sun didn’t have direct burn access the whole time. I think with just a couple of sunscreen layers I’ve escaped with a light dusting of pink. Thank goodness, I have an appointment with my dermatologist on Tuesday.

So here I am, typing this up in bed, about to sleep in this house for the last time, but thinking about how the pool at our next house was my happy place today.


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