Scratches, Marks and Chipped Paint

Moving House, Day 2

3 January 2018

Towards the end of the USA trip, we received the Condition Report for where we have just started renting. It was 12 pages of report, 94 pages of photos, detailing every flaw the property manager could find. Today, as required, did our own inspection and made comments on the report to dispute or add to their findings. Extra photographs were taken too.

As we prepared for the sale of our house, our real estate agent recommended many tradies but the painter he recommended, Greg, was the worst painter ever and we sacked him. I think Greg must have done this house too. There are paint and stain blotches everywhere. It’s funny how you don’t notice these things in an initial inspection. 

There are also many paint chips in doors and skirting, plus paint patches on walls and ceilings. Many walls have small holes, including all three walls of a study nook from where a built-in desk has been removed. It detracts from the beautiful aspects of the house that attracted us in the first place. It appears to have originally been a small one bedroom cottage. The front of the house is now considered as being two bedrooms but one of them has a fireplace and would have originally been the lounge room.

The scratches, marks and chipped paint I can handle. I just wish I owned the place so I could do something about these flaws. What really annoys me, is the amount of bits and pieces left by the owner, such as a basket of old gutter guard on the deck and a box of old books in the garage amongst garden products, paint tins, electrical items and spare wood. It looks like they ran out of time and oomph.


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