Trams, trains, ferries, an old prison and a football game

3 December 2017

Now I have something to talk about!

But first, I have to confess that I’m an idiot. See the pair of boots I packed below. I’m really annoyed that I’ll be carting them around for the whole trip for no reason. And it seemed every woman I saw today was wearing knee high boots while I was wearing ankle boots instead.

Onwards and forwards though. We caught an old tram to and from the wharf where we had an overly sugary breakfast and a ferry to Alcatraz, where we looked backwards in time. At the island we were greeted by an experienced National Parks officer who gave a patter about what to expect. As we left the patter being given to the newly arrived was an awkward rehearsed piece by a university student completing an internship on the island.

We highly recommend the audio tour of Alcatraz. It provides perspectives of guards, prisoners and even wives(!) and sisters(!).  We were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day for viewing the city, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Oakland Bay Bridge from the water and the island.

The good weather continued for the Oakland Raiders vs New York Giants football match, at least while we bathed in the sunshine. When the shadow reached us it became cold. A packed stadium was stained with mostly black, some white and a smattering of blue. We fitted right in with our supporters’ garb purchased online months before. Hot dogs were consumed, we clapped and cheered, and the Raiders rewarded us with a win. There were also disputes over seats, word passed around about a member usually in nearby seats who was diabetic but left a foot infection too long so was now in hospital with septicemia, and obnoxious men swearing and standing in front of the view despite being asked to sit down by all around them. With a couple of friends who are diehard Raiders fans, there was no way we weren’t going to enjoy every moment and rub it in.

One of the fans was wearing some form of a darth vader costume. Griffin called him Darth Raider. Turns out he has a website called that. Here’s a YouTube featuring three committed fans, including Darth Raider:

Our day of trams, train and ferries to visit an old prison and attend some football match, all in glorious winter sunshine, was a load of fun and a great way to start our holiday.


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