Cold and Closed

24 December 2017

* Post edited 25/12/2017 to change a photo of The Met to the New York Public Library.

It looks like it is going to be a cold Christmas in New York but no snow. :(

It looks like it is going to be flippin’ freezin’ in Boston but still no snow while we are there.

Today was a rare day of both minimum and maximum temperatures above zero, coupled with a lack of rain, so we took the opportunity of the balmy 4C to stroll the High Line. We made it about half way along before we used the excuse of galleries below to thaw our ears. Unfortunately the galleries were closed but it did mean we had time to Think Coffee.

Our next stop was the New York Public Library but I nearly walked into huge very shut doors. Like the galleries, I had failed to check if it was open on Christmas Eve.

For second prize, Emma, Griffin and I walked backwards along Library Way to the Library Hotel, where I stayed last time I was in New York. The footpath has numerous plaques of literary quotes that were upside down to the direction we were walking, thus the backwards stagger. 

We used the Library Hotel as a toilet stop before heading back to its sister, the Hotel Giraffe, where we are staying for this trip. I then did exciting things like airline confirmations and taking an hour to check if Griffin was accepted to his TAFE course. He was!

Griffin and I had McDonalds for lunch. I was amused by this sign:

John had a few hours at The Met, basically retracing the steps I took a few years ago.

We finished the day at an Italian restaurant, sending Emma and Griffin back to the hotel before us while we stayed for cocktails. Yum!


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