Lost in Vegas

14 December 2017

Actually, we didn’t become lost in Las Vegas, the city, but within Caesars Palace, the hotel and casino. Skipping breakfast, we walked from our less trendy end of the strip to the other end, to earn our Caesars Palace buffet lunch. There was an astounding array of food available to us, plus the usual refillable soft drink, juice and coffee. Pork buns, paella and prawns; sushi, soup and Skittles were just some of the fare we consumed. We waddled away, looking to exit Caesars Palace via a different path to the way we came in. There were so many shops under a sky painted roof with no exit in sight. Think of the biggest mall you know and imagine it without stairs or escalators. That's how it felt. Eventually we consulted a touch screen guide and found we had to walk to the other end of the building to access the spiral escalators down to the floor that provided a way out to authentic sunlight.

The sky painted roof was not only in Caesars Palace but in Paris which we wandered through while waiting for the Real Bodies exhibition to open at Bally’s (which I’ve just realised with the search for the hyperlink is also a part of Caesars even though it is across the road).  While we were filling in time we found our first decent coffee (Lavazza) since Napa Valley, fixing my caffeine withdrawal headache temporarily. 

The Real Bodies exhibition was an interesting way to look at the various aspects of the human body. I think my Dad would love it and my Mum hate it. I was annoyed that out of all the bodies in action with some sporting activity, only the tennis player was female. A class from a local school was just ahead of us going through the exhibition. They were well behaved but a little noisy. I had empathy for the teachers but grateful to not be in that role today.

Mum, after playing in 40C heat

We caught the monorail back to our hotel. The boys then went to The Mob Museum and flew along Slotzilla in the older section of Las Vegas while I did our laundry.

Tomorrow we leave for the airport at 5am. I have three alarms set.


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