8 December 2017

I didn’t go to Disneyland. The boys went. They had fun. I relaxed. I did the laundry. Here’s our photos from the day.

I also watched a bit of TV today. I avoided Fox though. It was interesting to see the commentators being quite similar to our own with their tone towards Trump, the Weinstein flow-on effect (including the reporting of Geoffrey Rush suing the Daily Telegraph for defamation) and the wild fires in California. It is all so familiar. Familiar is nice after a few days of us driving on the wrong side of the road, and I'm not even the one driving. I'm the one cowering in the back seat, trying to distract myself with the scenery. It was good to just chill and digest. I feel like I should be saying something profound at this point but I don't have it in me at the moment. I also feel my writing should be better for each of these posts but in reality I'm writing while extremely tired each night and/or rushed in the morning. Except today (and the post for yesterday). It feels I've missed my opportunity for serious pondering. Not that pondering was ever what this trip was about. So, I'll keep focusing on what we are doing and enjoying and we'll see if anything else generates.

Tomorrow is a scheduled break for all of us. I suspect the boys will sleep-in until quite late. The bagels, fruit and OJ provided by this AirBNB will basically be gone after breakfast so supplies were needed. I've navigated online a whole lot of brands I didn't recognise and ordered a grocery delivery for late tomorrow morning. That may raise them out of slumber, particularly when Griffin discovers some of the selections I have made.


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