Pinball and a Pint

23 December 2017

There is nothing so perfect as pinball and a pint at 11 a.m.  - Tom Hodgkinson

A rainy day meant we looked for something to do indoors. We aren’t doing gifts this Christmas (this holiday is our gift to each other) so we didn’t want to join the hordes at the shops. We also wanted to avoid the throngs of tourists at museums and galleries. Instead we walked just a couple of blocks to Modern Pinball NYC. For two hours we competed with each other or just against ourselves in this gem of a place. One could argue it was also a history/electronics/physics lesson since each machine provided information above it and a couple of machines displayed their inner workings. PROOF - they conduct STEM field trips. John was the clear champion of our session, Griffin not far behind, with Emma and I vying for the wooden spoon.

Pinball playing is thirsty work so we walked all the way to next door, the Mad Hatter, an English style pub, providing a discount for pinball combatants. Back home, both Emma and Griffin are of drinking age but for most of the USA (and all of the states we are visiting) the drinking age is 21 so neither of them qualify. However, Emma managed to order a beer today without being asked for ID. I think she enjoyed it.


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