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Prague and Years Ending in 8

17 November 2018
My last non travel day in Europe. So sad.
I mentioned the Prague Spring book in an earlier post. As I said, not a great book, too much masculine gaze for my liking. In my Googling of Prague Spring I found there was a temporary outdoor exhibition about it at the City of Prague Museum, just a few hundred metres from my hotel. Extra bonus: the exhibition was out the front of the museum so I didn’t have to pay an entry fee! But before I give more details about Prague Spring, it’s time for a brief 100 year history lesson (highly reliant on Wikipedia, I confess). Read it and be rewarded with some music at the end.
In 1918 Czechoslovakia declared independence from theAustro-Hungarian Empire. By 1933 it was the only democracy in the region but minority groups were grumbling, including the Germans who were seeing the attraction of Nazi Germany. Foreign minister, Beneš, established an agreement with France but France dropped them like a hot potato with the 1938 appeasement of H…

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