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Fab Feb - Friday Frolics

❌Alcohol Free

Friday frolics was a term applied to the morning tea we took in turns providing in a staffroom at my first school (as a teacher). In the main, it successfully avoided becoming a competitive affair and scoffing food can be a fun way to enjoy the end of the working week. It's pretty hard to be social in a fifteen minute recess though. It was the end of term drinks at the pub where we were more able to take the time to relax.
Towards the end of high school (as a student) I attended Youth Groups on Friday nights that would end at a cafe down the main street, then I'd be racing home in my (sorry, Mum's) yellow Mini before my midnight curfew. Now my favourite Friday nights are hanging at a friend's house, or mine, with wine, cheese and other bits and pieces. As a teacher I just couldn't face marking or prep work on a Friday night. I needed to unwind and then slowly ease myself into the schoolwork over the weekend. I know from conducting my qu…

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